Antonio Impellizzeri lawyer practising criminal law

Lawyer Antonio Impellizzeri was born in Catania on 23.7.1964


He graduated in Catania at the Faculty of Law of 15 July 1987 with the highest grade.

He has been practising continuously since November 1988 and has always worked and is specialised in criminal law.

He is now a Cassation Lawyer. He has participated as a defending lawyer who is trusted by the defendants concerned, in the major criminal trials held in Sicily.

Here are a few examples:

1) The proceedings for the Massacre of the Palermo ring road, the trial for the murder of Judge Dr. Giacomo Ciaccio Montalto, the Chinnici Massacre, the attempted murder of Judge Carlo Palermo;
2) Also the process for the failed Addaura attempted murder of Dr. Giovanni Falcone, the murder of Judge Dr. Antonino Saetta, the murder of Judge Dr. Antonino Scoppelliti, the massacre of Capaci and the Massacre of Via D'Amelio to the involving Judges Dr. Giovanni Falcone and Dr. Paolo Borsellino.3
) Several trials against organised crime such as the Leopoldo Caltanissetta operation, the Orsa Maggiore operation in Catania and the Tempesta (storm) operation in Palermo, one of the most famous and important among those held in Sicily since 1992;
4) Numerous prosecutions for murders, attempted murders, crimes against the person, property, public order, public authorities, public faith, public morals and decency, sexual freedom and other freedoms of the person and against the law courts, religious sentiment and piety of the deceased, against public safety, the public economy, industry and commerce, against the family and against the personality of the State;
5) A number of prosecutions for building, urban planning, tax, tax and drug-related crimes.

He has defended, also in civil cases and third-party cicivl laibility, as well as a defender of accused people, before all jurisdictions all over Italy and before the Supreme Court of Cassation.

He has recently also been involved in proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.


Defender of Francesco Lo Presti


the Impellizzeri law firm
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