Caltanissetta Law Firm

As part of the judicial protection of citizens against public aduthorities, it is necessary to hire highly experienced professional firms specialised in administrative proceedings.


The Impellizzeri Law Firm based in Caltanissetta, Enna, Catania, and Valguarnera, which ahs been practising since 1988, is a valid reference point in this particular area of ​​law, backed up by a team of experienced professionals able to provide full legal assistance and criminal law assistance.


Prosecutors and senior lawyers in Caltanissetta, Enna, Catania, Valguarnera

The Impellizzeri Law Firm uses lawyers and prosecutors specialised in administrative matters, whoare therefore able to maange any needs of clients who need to protect their rights in the ordinary and special courts against public authorities.


The internal structure of the firm, which also handles criminal and civil law matters, is based on a sectoral division of legal skills. Each sector is managed by a qualified contact person and a group of collaborators with high standards of competence.


Pool of lawyers for administrative applications

The administrative sector therefore has a specific pool of professionals specialised in administrative applications in order to fully meet the needs of users who are in conflict with the public authorities.


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