Caltanissetta Law Firm

Accidents due to negligece, that is, devoid of voluntariness, or intent, involving the criminal liability of persons, are unfortunately quite common. In such specific cases, it is necessary to hire professionals specialised in criminal liability, who are able to prepare a convincing defence possibly leading to an acquittal.


Experts in the Criminal Procedure Code

In Caltanissetta, Catania, Ennaand Valguarnera, for over twenty years, the Impellizzeri Law Firm has been defending clients in criminal matters and its collaborators include legal experts who are specialised in criminal liability.

The legal practice gained in all these years and the proven internal organisation, broken down by areas of competence, means that the criminal law firm can offer clients a high standard of professionalism and preparation: criminal liability, as defined by Italian law, is always personal, so it is essential to receive full legal assistance by staff that is constantly up to date on the code of criminal procedure.


Full legal assistance

Users who need to find a firm able to provide total legal and criminal assistance can rely on the Impellizzeri Law Firm.

A staff of qualified lawyers, thanks to constant updates on case law, doctrinal insights gained by going into detail, and experience gained in the field, will be able to resolve all types of legal issues and litigation.

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