The Impellizzeri law firm

The Impellizzeri law firm, established on 14 November 1988 in Valguarnera, in the Province of Enna. This is its first main office.

On 2 January 2002 the firm opened in Caltanissetta based on the will of lawyer Filippo Siciliano, Decano and Emerito of that jurisdiction, twhich was trsnaferred to the brothers, lawyers Antonio and Francesco Impellizzeri.

Subsequently, on 15 May 2003 the law firm opened a new office in the town of Enna, where the court of Enna is located, and finally, on 10.4.2010 in Catania, where the brothers, Lawyers Antonio and Francesco Impellizzeri graduated in law dat the Universit's law faculty.

The firm therefore has four locations: Valguarnera, Caltanissetta, Enna and Catania.

In collaboration with the Mazzuca Law Firm of Rome, the Impellizzeri Law Firm can also count a stable presence in the capital, in particular for proceedings that are brought before the Higher Courts, Supreme Court of Cassation, Council of State and Court of Auditors.

The objectives that the law firm Impellizzeri aims to achieve are, through constant commitment in every single case (Civil, Criminal and Administrative), the enhancement of the role of lawyers, the recovery of their social function and the service of the public or legal persons, the users of the justice system.


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