Lawyer  Francesco Impellizzeri

Lawyer Francesco Impellizzeri, was born in Caracas (Venezuela) on 28.2.1961


Lawyer Francesco Impellizzeri has been practising law since 1990 involved in civil affairs, in particular family law, contracts, inheritance and civil liability. Our starting point was the law firm in Valguarnera.




1) He graduated from the Faculty of Law of Catania on 23.1.1990 uninterruptedly practising and specialising in civil law since October 1994.


2) President of the examination commission for qualifying to practice law in 2014 for the district of the court of appeal of Caltanissetta.


3) Member of the planning commission for the municipality of Valguarnera.


We provide legal assistance to natural and legal persons, as well as public entities.


We are willing to meet clients in our various offices in Valguarnera, Enna, Caltanissetta and Catania, according to their needs.


The objective of the Impellizzeri law firm remains, beyond the merits of individual cases, the renovation and development of the important role of the lawyer and the social function of the same.


lawyer francesco impellizzeri
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