criminal proceedings defence

A legal defence is an inalienable right according to the constitution

Article 24 of the Constitution states that "a defence is an inviolable right at every stage and level of proceedings" meaning that every citizen who is prosecuted, or sued in a civil case, has the right to turn to professionals who have expertise in defence cases and being protected by the same.


The high level Impellizzeri Law Firm based in Caltanissetta, Enna, Catania and Valguarnera, will support you with the great experience of over four decades of activity, by its lawyers, all specialised in defence proceedings in support of causes on the following matters:

  • Criminal law
  • Civil law
  • Administrative law


Preparation of a court hearing

The preparation of a hearing in a criminal court, the management of a civil case and discussions regarding administrative appeals, require extensive procedural expertise that can only be found in professionals who are specialised in legal defence.

In fact, the law firm can be a valuable partner to address various legal proceedings and the specialisation in legal defence is expressed through the careful and thorough preparation of hearings, both for verbal debate and negotiations.


Anyone who needs a competent and experienced legal defence will find, in the Impellizzeri Law Firm, the ideal solution to thier procedural problems, being able to rely on a comprehensive range of legal services including specialisations in administrative appeals, criminal liability and criminal tax law.

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