Impellizzeri Law Firm news and press releases.

The following list collects articles published in newspapers and magazines that mention the Impellizzeri law firm and reported judgments and news of particular interest in cases defended by the law firm.

A few links and press articles related to court cases that have attracted the most attention.

Below is a list of a few of these cases:

  • Kore, foundation not obliged to pay money
  • Ricottone murder, three life sentences "fall"

  • He died in his cell due to an overdose: Appeal hearing

  • Triskelion, six convictions become final
  • The Saitta crime, life sentence in Pernagallo cancelled
  • The Kore Foundation, motivations filed, now the prosecutor will evaluate whether to appeal to the Supreme Court
  • Kore Foundation, seizure halted
  • The review "frees" the current account of the Kore Foundation
  • The Saitta murder, life imprisonment cancelled for Pernagallo
  • A murder without a guilty party
  • Palma Import, the court case needs to be repeated
  • Killed with a screwdriver, referred to the Supreme Court
  • Mafia in Leonforte, flurry of appeals against the second judgment
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